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Bombay Bazar and Indian Restaurant is located in North Charleston. It holds one of the finest varieties in Indian food available today. Ranging from appetizers, soups, seafood, chicken and vegetarian specialties, we offer a diverse range of items for customers.


The Owners

Bombay Bazar and Indian Restaurant is a family business being run under the supervision of Varsha Patel who has ever wanted to lay the foundation of a genuine Indian restaurant and grocery store in the North Charleston territory. Since its inception in 2010, Bombay Bazaar has come a long way to shape itself into a major source of great Indian food. Today, the Bombay Bazaar and Indian Restaurant stands tall by holding a substantial variety in all kinds of Indian food recipes.


Our Goal
Our goal is to provide high quality and hygienic services to our customers through our food menus containing one of the finest Indian food recipes at present. We aim to stretch our boundaries to all parts of the country. We want to be the best and we are ready to work hard to reach our destination. We value our customer’s desires and this is our main motivator which keeps us going.


We proudly invite you to come and try our offered menus if you want to experience classic Indian food recipes. You surely won’t be disappointed!

We welcome your suggestions and feedback on our recipes and are always there to help you experience the finest Indian food items available in North Charleston.


At Bombay Bazar and Indian restaurant, enjoy the original taste of indian cooking and experience the traditional cuisine. Sit back, relax and enjoy the culinary experience that is bombay as your journey across the regions of India and celebrate your palate with a blend of contemporary and traditional cuisine that draws on the rich vibrancy of India’s culture.

Bombay Bazar and Indian Restaurant
6216 Rivers Avenue,
North Charleston SC 29406

Tel: (843) 554 5323


Bombay Bazar and Indian Restaurant
in Charleston

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